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    722.9 Rev Matching Upgrade


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    722.9 Rev Matching Upgrade

    Add Rev-Matching to Your AMG

    The 722.9 Rev-Match Upgrade will greatly improve the driving experience and performance of your AMG 63 vehicle by adding an electronically controlled synchronized throttle blip to down shifts.

    When downshifting, the engine needs to increase RPM up to come to speed with the wheels. If the vehicles electronics do not "blip" (a brief and quick increase in throttle), the engine will have to take power from the wheels and momentum of the car to come to speed. This is often accompanied by a sudden deceleration of the vehicle due to the power suddenly going to the engine.

    Weistec has implemented the Rev-Match technology to your AMG using its existing electronics allowing you to have the best driving experience on and off the track. It provides a very quick rev when downshifting, and firmer upshifts when accelerating, which delivers a very seamless operation.

    Note: Your ECU (Engine Control Unit) and TCU (Transmission Control Unit) are paired to your vehicle. For this reason we modify your parts and send them back to you.  For the 722.9 Rev-Match Upgrade, both your ECU and TCU/Valvebody must be sent to our facility. The average turnaround time for the 722.9 Rev-Match Upgrade is 1 day. This is not a repair service and is an entirely different service than our 722.9 TCU/Valvebody Upgrade.

    Tuning Process: How do I get my ECU/TCU tuned?


    Key Features:

    • Adds Rev Matching to converter based 722.9 transmissions

    • Seamless downshifting

    • Improved track times

    • Improved driving experience

    • Recommended with Weistec 722.9 TCU/Valvebody Upgrade

    • Recommended with Weistec ECU Tuning

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