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    High Flow Air Filter Set, M177


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    High Flow Air Filter Set, M177

    These Weistec filters are designed specifically for the vehicles equipped with the M177 BiTurbo 4.0L engine. The filters, while having better flow than the factory paper filters, are a thinner design which effectively increases the volume of the lower airbox, further improving response and flow of the M177 intakes which in turn helps the vehicle reach greater levels of performance

    Stock vs Westec ECU and Filters


    Watch a Customers First Test Drive Reaction

    For maximum results, the combination of our Weistec ECU flash is recommended.


    Key Features:

    • Increased Power

    • Improved Response

    • Increased Flow Area

    • Optimized Airbox fitment over factory filter

    • Simple Installation

    • Amplifies the performance of your Weistec ECU Tune

    • Set of 2

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