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    Engine Assembly Service, M156


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    Engine Assembly Service, M156

    Weistec Engineering is now offering performance engine builds for the M156 6.2L engine used in many AMG models. The performance engine build removes the limitations faced on the original engine when making very high power.

    When we receive your complete engine it will be fully disassembled, fully inspected and blueprinted. The engine block then goes into our machine shop where the cylinders will be honed for the new pistons. The cylinder heads will be inspected* and if necessary they will be decked to ensure they are within specification.

    The rotating assembly will be assembled with forged pistons, high performance wrist pins, billet 4340 connecting rods and new rod bearings. The forged pistons are ceramic coated to resist heat and Teflon coated to reduce friction and the high performance wrist pins are of a greatly improved design compared to the original wrist pins. The billet 4340 connecting rods are significantly stronger than the original rods. All the individual parts will be balanced to ensure smooth engine operation throughout the RPM range.

    The engine will be fully assembled using all new main bearings, gaskets, O rings and seals. The cylinder heads are bolted on using Weistec exclusive ARP head studs to hold the heads down tight for high power applications.

    The result is a performance built engine capable of reliably producing in excess of 1000hp that will drop right into your engine bay.

    *Upon inspection, we may find it necessary to perform our M156 Race Valve Job. This is not included in the performance engine build and will be an additional cost.

    The performance engine build may be combined with our M156 CNC Ported Heads to ensure the best possible performance of your new engine.

    Key Features:

    • Ceramic and Teflon Coated Pistons

    • Billet 4340 Connecting Rods

    • All New Bearings

    • Fully Balanced Rotating Assembly

    • All New Gaskets, Seals, and O Rings

    • +1000hp Capable

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