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    M113K Exhaust System, S55


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    M113K Exhaust System, S55

    The biggest restriction to making high power with the M113K engine is the limited flow of the factory exhaust manifolds. Whether you want to make as much power as possible with the AMG Kompressor, or are looking to run the Weistec M113K Supercharger Systems, it will be necessary to upgrade to long tube headers.

    To make for the best power possible, the headers feature 1.75” primaries that allow for as much flow out of the cylinder head as possible. The large primaries and proper O2 sensor placement of these headers work extremely well when coupled with our Software and Supercharger System, resulting in the best performance and drivability out of all the headers that are currently on the market.

    *Actual system may be different than picture depending on chassis.

    Packaged with the headers are 3” Stainless Steel weld in connector pipes for use with the factory resonator and mufflers.

    When paired with other upgrades, power gains can be over 120+hp at the wheels.

    *Product may not be emissions compliant.  Check local laws prior to installation.

    Key Features:

    • All Stainless Construction

    • Tig Welded

    • 1.75” primaries

    • Proper O2 Sensor Placement

    • Up to 120+whp Gains when combined with other upgrades

    • Includes weld in connector pipes

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