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    M133 Anti Surge Valve


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    M133 Anti Surge Valve

    Anti Surge Valve

    All high performance turbocharged engines require a pressure release system.  A major shortcoming of AMG’s potent M133 engine is the lack of a bypass valve.  When increasing your vehicle's performance, the absence of such a valve can inevitably lead to compressor surge and accelerated damage to the turbo.

    Weistec Anti-Surge Valve’s (ASV) sole purpose is to permanently prevent compressor surge and premature wear on your vehicle’s turbo system. The valve allows compressed air to be vented to the atmosphere instead of back flowing into the compressor housing. Continuous back flow of compressed air can lead be detrimental to key turbocharger components. Back flowing compressed air slows the turbocharger's impeller wheel, requiring it to "respool" when a throttle input is made.



    Weistec ASV not only prolongs the life of your turbocharger, but also improves throttle response by sharpening spool-up times. Furthermore, the system produces the infamous and highly sought after “blow-off” sound.  This upgrade is a must for those seeking a bolt-on simple upgrade or planning on further upgrading their AMG 45 vehicle in the future.

    Key Features:

    • 100% Bolt-On Solution

    • No Check Engine Light

    • Easy 30 Minute Installation

    • Increased Lifespan of Turbo

    • CNC Machined Aluminum

    • Hard Anodized to Military Spec

    • Engineered and Manufactured in USA

    PDF Filem133_asv (777.7 KB)Download


    This policy only applies to installers and/or users who are in the United States, customers who reside in other countries should act in accordance with their local laws and regulations.
    Some Weistec Engineering performance upgrades may solely be used on vehicles in sanctioned competition which may never be used upon a public road or highway, unless permitted by specific regulatory exemptions (such as a CARB E.O.). For state specific details please visit the following website.
    It is the responsibility of the installer and/or user of the product to ensure that it is used in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. If a product was purchased in error, do not install and/or use it. The purchaser must arrange to return the product(s) for a full refund.
    All performance modifications and installations are at the customer’s own risk. Weistec Engineering holds no responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical or other failure when using any aftermarket performance products.


    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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