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    M156 ECU Upgrade


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    M156 ECU Upgrade

    +47 Wheel Horsepower, +32 Wheel Torque

    As a leader in tuning and calibration, Weistec Engineering is proud to release tuning packages for the naturally aspirated M156/M159 vehicle lineup. Our ability to successfully innovate and create the world's first 50 state legal supercharger system for the 6.3L AMG has allowed us to further identify and understand the complex factory modules.

    We have created a strong yet reliable tuning solution that utilizes the same calibration technology that has been applied to our Supercharger System. With a keen understanding for optimal running conditions for the M156, we have revised many features of the ECU which creates an astounding 441 horsepower to the wheels on 91 octane and is street legal.

    CARB EO# D-691-3

    The Weistec Upgrade Promise

    Customers who purchase our ECU Upgrades will receive credit towards the purchase of any Weistec M156 Supercharger System, if you are thinking of supercharging your car in the future and are not ready for the purchase, this is a good way to not spend money twice, while making more power right away.

    *Power gains vary based on model and modifications.

    ECU Tuning Process: How do I get my ECU tuned?

    Key Features:

    • +47 Wheel Horsepower

    • +32 Wheel Torque

    • Eliminate Top Speed Limiter

    • Increased Throttle Response

    • Optimized Fuel and Spark

    • Credit towards M156 Supercharger Systems

    PDF Fileweistec_w221_s_ecu_removal (265.6 KB)Download
    PDF Fileweistec_w212_e63_ecu_removal (360.9 KB)Download
    PDF Fileweistec_w211_e63_ecu_removal (423.6 KB)Download
    PDF Fileweistec_w209_clk63_ecu_removal (389.6 KB)Download
    PDF Fileweistec_r230_sl63_ecu_removal (482 KB)Download
    PDF Fileweistec_w204_c63_ecu_removal_1 (374.3 KB)Download
    PDF Fileweistec_w215_cl_ecu_removal_1 (265.6 KB)Download


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    Some Weistec Engineering performance upgrades may solely be used on vehicles in sanctioned competition which may never be used upon a public road or highway, unless permitted by specific regulatory exemptions (such as a CARB E.O.). For state specific details please visit the following website.
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