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    SLR Kompressor Power Package


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    SLR Kompressor Power Package

    715 Horsepower, 705 ft-lb of Torque

    The Weistec SLR McLaren Kompressor Power Package is a complete and effective upgrade system that includes the Weistec 180mm Modular Crank Pulley system, Weistec SLR McLaren ECU calibration, Weistec SLR McLaren TCU calibration, dual Johnson CM30 intercooler pumps, and a set of 1 step colder racing spark plugs. All the components of package work together to produce substantial gains while retaining OEM reliability and drivability.

    The Weistec 180mm Modular Crank Pulley system includes an under driven water pump pulley designed specifically for the SLR McLaren and a heavy duty 8 rib supercharger belt. Also included is the Crank Pulley Pinning Tool to add additional support for the keyway on the crankshaft. The crank pulley has a fluid dampened design that absorbs vibration and reduces the effects of rotational mass on the crank.

    The dual Johnson CM30 intercooler pumps replace the factory pumps providing better flow and reliability, ensuring that the intercooler system works as efficiently as possible for consistent performance.

    1 step colder racing spark plugs are a necessity whenever power levels are increased significantly above stock levels. They run cooler than factory plugs, which helps to keep cylinder temperature under control.

    Includes...Engine Software Upgrade, Transmission Software Upgrade, Performance Spark Plugs, Intercooler Cooling Pumps Upgrade, and Crank Pinning Hardware

    *Product may not be emissions compliant.  Check local laws prior to installation.

    Key Features:

    • Reduced Rotational Mass

    • Increased Keyway Strength

    • Faster and Firmer Shifts

    • Improved Intercooler Efficiency

    • OEM Crank Pulley Bolt Included

    • 715 HP, 705 TQ

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