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    SLR McLaren Driveline Package


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    SLR McLaren Driveline Package

    The Weistec SLR McLaren Driveline Package is a must for any SLR McLaren that is driven the way it is meant to be driven.

    Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    The Weistec SLR McLaren Driveline Package is designed to address the weak links in the SLR McLaren driveline and sharpen its performance. The carbon fiber driveshaft reduces rotational mass, improving acceleration, response, and drivetrain efficiency, while also reducing shock load on the differential and axles. It also eliminates the factory rubber bushings that flex excessively and wear out quickly with increased power levels.

    Upgraded CV Axles

    The Weistec SLR McLaren Race Axles are significantly more robust than factory axles and designed to handle very high power levels.

    Limited Slip Differential

    The Weistec SLR McLaren Limited Slip Differential out performs the factory differential with a nearly 100% locking percentage, increasing traction for launches and greatly improving control and handling when carving corners.

    Key Features:

    • Reduced Rotational Mass

    • Reduced Weight

    • Improved Acceleration and Response

    • Eliminates factory rubber bushings on each end of the driveshaft

    • Improved Traction, Control, and Handling

    • Greatly Increased Driveline Strength

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